Ah, but there’s a slight problem, a condition that is not clear, grey face strangenymous!! I don’t know, don’t understand, no comprende what that is, what it might entail? A cat, and nub?? I know what one of those are, a thing of danger, bad danger, yes, oh!! Though I haven’t met many, many not-clear danger cats in this form, because there aren’t many, no. No, but I remember, recollect what those might be, what a feline’s fervent ferociousness could mean for a guy, a bird like me, caww. Would you really put someone as small and nice as me-bird in danger?? Oh, how cruel, cruel cruel!! Caww!! But oh, perhaps I’ll forgive, though, for that’s not what you mean, is it? For you’re a strange one, a strange grey and I think you mean something else, but let’s hope it’s something else that you entail, a nubbing cat, because if not that means a danger thing, and there are many danger things out there, you know! You know, be careful out there, for th —